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They grow up so fast.

The parenting phrase, “The days are long, but the years are short,” is so true. As a mom myself, I know how hard it can be to get everyone to cooperate for family photos, so it’s easy to put off getting family photos unless it’s a special occasion. But, I believe we shouldn't wait to use the "good china" for holiday dinners or for a big life event to capture our memories. Why? Because the real magic is in the day-to-day...the funny faces, the missing teeth, the "I'm taller than you" arguments, the "I can't believe my baby's not a baby anymore" moments, the snuggles on the couch, the sweet glance of new love, the worn hands that have been there in "sickness and in health," the sweet, squishy babies that always smell new, and the undeniable generational love that makes up a family. Let me help you capture these moments and “remember when”...

  • Are you worried your kids won't sit still?
  • Not sure if you want to be in the photos? 
  • Overwhelmed about what to wear?


Before working with Sally, it was hard to capture our children’s genuine emotions when we had family pictures taken. Now, Sally has blessed our family with years of beautiful family photos! Sally is charming, and our children respond so well to her, making for pictures that show authentic joy. We are so grateful for the memories she has captured and look forward to continuing to watch our babies grow through her creative lens!

Kirsten B.

When I heard Sally started her own photography business, I knew right away that I wanted to book her for a family photo session. She has such a warm, easygoing personality, and my six and three-year-olds absolutely loved her! She made us all feel comfortable, and I appreciated her professionalism, making sure she got all the shots she and I had in mind. Her photos exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to our next family photo session with Sally Brown!

Michelle I.

I had the privilege of having Sally take my son's first professional photos when he was a baby and again when he was a toddler. I remember thinking he would look back on them years from now and still easily feel the love that radiates from them. Sally doesn't just take beautiful photos; she captures precious moments and heartfelt emotions and preserves them forever with her phenomenal artistic style and keen eye.

Kateri K.


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Choosing A Photographer Shouldn't Be Confusing.



This is our chance to get to know one another better, so I can get a sense of your style and personality…Together, we will go over everything from wardrobe, makeup, locations, & everything in between.



Being in front of the camera shouldn’t feel awkward, which is why I love creating a comfortable experience, so you can just relax and have fun!



Yay! Ordering Day! We choose your favorite images, explore print options, and put it all together for a tailor-made package just for you!

Begin The Process

You should be in the picture too!

Too many parents want to wait to get pictures until the "perfect time". In reality, the perfect time is NOW. 

Here at Vitamin Sea Design Studio, we specialize in posing each person so that they look and feel their best.

So that you have a family portrait that conveys the comfort and love you all have for one another and you are proud to share everywhere.

Let's Get Started!

In today’s fast-paced world, people can easily misunderstand or not really “see” one another, which is why I love bringing people together to capture their unique stories. Photography is a universal language that speaks to the heart, and the images we create together can keep us rooted in our history and give us the wings we need for our future. Many times, people may come to me to take pictures for their holiday cards, but they leave with something much more valuable: their family’s message to the world.

When I started my photography journey 13 years ago, I didn't realize that digital files might just end up in a drawer somewhere, even though I made the exact same mistake with my oldest daughter’s first-year photography package! I loved the images, but we never ended up displaying them! I would have loved to showcase her cute little toothless smile and chubby little legs when she was learning to walk, but once we were done with the sessions, it was hard to make the time to finish the job we set out to do, which was have a beautiful tribute to our little girl’s first year. 

That is why I take such pride now in designing and ordering beautiful Italian-made albums and personally layout wall art, creating a perfect solution for your home. I hold my client's hands from the very beginning to the end to ensure they receive a finished product and an amazing experience that they remember fondly, which is why many of my clients come back year after year.

Today, most people have smartphones in their pockets, so it’s easy to “take pictures” on the go, but so many of these digital files just get uploaded to the cloud and are never thought of again. Creating a photograph is about much more than “taking” a picture. Creating a photograph is about pausing and GIVING you the gift of that moment in time.

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